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Seventies Deluxe

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This interior is a great example of how a few pieces can make a room. In this case the ochre couch and geometric wall lamp turn the simple white space into a rather glamourous interior.

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This interior is all about geometry. The fabric of the chair, the mouldings, the rug and the print on the wall display different geometric shapes. The quiet colour scheme ties everything together.

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Now that’s an inventive way of hanging a print: divide it between three different frames. It works especially well with this geometric design. The gold frames are the ideal match for the classy colours of the print.

To see a colourful geometric artwork in an otherwise very classic interior is surprising, but that’s why it works. Such an addition keeps a chic room from looking stuffy.

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This fun chandelier is the kind of centre piece that can transform a room from drab to glam. It’s a design in plexiglas and brass, called Diciotto x 4 by Vibeke Fonnesberg Schmidt for Milan gallery Nilufar.

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Etsy shop We love CMYK has some great art prints. This one is especially fine, of classic seventies shapes given a twist by adding perspective and a white border. It looks fab in a thoroughly modern interior.

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Amsterdam-based artist and designer Mariska Meijer has an eye for beautiful patterns and fabrics. This cushion is a great example: it has pretty colours, an intricate motif and a lovely shine.

Emilio Rivera from Rome is inspired by design from the sixties and seventies. He creates wonderful new prints with enchanting geometric shapes and subtle colour combinations.

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Amazing Ikat

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Whatever colours you have used in your interior, there is always an Ikat design to match them. And if you really love your Ikat prints, you can also work the other way around and find furniture that matches them.

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It’s fun to use ikat as a starting point for the decoration of a room. These headboards upholstered in ikat are complemented by the bedding and stools. They also match with the art prints in a cool, unexpected way.

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Don’t hesitate to combine ikat with other fabrics, patterns and prints. As long as you keep the colours similar, the effect is striking without being messy. The lobster and whale prints go well with the blue hues.

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French luxury label Hermes not only makes fantastic bags, but also has chic tableware. The Voyage en Ikat collection is inspired by ikat fabrics. Eat like a king from these plates with a 24 carat gold trim.

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Ikat fabrics come in many different patterns. These art prints by Pottery Barn showcase a few of them. The use of similar colours makes sure they go well together and that the overall effect is classic.

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The fun thing about artworks inspired by ikat designs is that they’re abstract but never cold or boring. On the contrary: they bring a touch of summer to any interior. This swell painting in vibrant colours is by Laura Dro, an artist from Florida.

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Ikat fabrics are made with yarn that is not entirely dyed. In some places, the yarn is tied together or covered with water resistant wax. This causes the characteristic hazy borders of the patterns. They can be a great inspiration for an original artwork, as shown here.

If you have a great piece of Ikat fabric, or a scarf, why leave it in your closet? Consider hanging it in in one of your rooms. Maybe you can even turn it into a screen or have it framed.

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Dark Flora

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Just opened in Paris: Hotel Providence. It has a warm, opulent interior with lots of dark colours. Many walls are decorated with magnificent wallpaper featuring plant motifs on black backgrounds. Doesn’t it look chic?

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Artist Ellen Hoverkamp makes wonderful scanner photographs of flowers and plants. She scans what other people grow, and with her careful arrangements brings attention to nature’s beauty.

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A dark floral print works well in an interior with moody colours, like this room with luxurious teal wallpaper. The fifties lamp and chair in matching colours make this a very classy corner indeed.

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French luxury brand Hermes had a recent campaign that showed dark flora at its most luscious. The designs were photographed amidst dense tropical foliage in a blueish light, acquiring an air of mystery.

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If you’re fond of antique botanical images, look up the work of Mary Delany. This 18th century Englishwoman created delicate paper cut out works, beautiful and botanically accurate depictions of plants.

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An image of plants looks lovely surrounded by… more plants! This set-up with hanging plants, a few potted plants and an antique botanical print of a horse chestnut is especially inventive.

dark flora 80

This interior features mostly earthy tones, but the print and cushions with plant designs lift those up with their bright blues and yellows. The botanical print with its typical wooden poles was used in education; look for similar ones in antique stores and markets.

Etsy shop Insitu decorative arts is run by Suzanne DeVicaris, an artist from Philadelphia. She makes fabulous glass trays with decoupage, using pretty mid-century botanical illustrations. They not only look great, but are useful too: they are washable, so presenting food on them is an option.

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