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Retro Travelling

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Here’s a little thought experiment. Image this room without these prints – it would be totally different. The vintage travel ads make it colourful and give it an upbeat vibe. And how about those neat frames?

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Another great example of a collection of retro travel prints. These very old fashioned ones in muted shades are especially lovely. They’re also a fantastic combination with the playful world map.

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A true travel enthusiast might choose to hang a whole collection of retro travel prints together. The gold frames pull these ones together and give the ensemble a chic touch.

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Miami-based graphic designer Alex Asfour created these beautiful travel posters. Despite their retro appearance, they were made rather recently. They look fantastic on their own, but also pretty cool as a series.

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Is your interior rather light and minimalist? Even then a vintage travel ad won’t look out of place. Like this wonderful understated Los Angeles one, by Etsy shop The Print Design Studio.

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Why not hang a vintage travel print or two in your bathroom, to dream of far flung places while in the bath? And why not use the prints as the starting point for a lovely fifties pastel colour scheme?

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A vintage travel ad can be an addition to any interior. Lots of them have bright colours, but there are many to be found in pastels or muted natural shades, like this fabulous Rome poster.

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Dolce & Gabbana love their country. All things Italian are featured in their designs, from delicate lace to traditional Italian dress. For their spring/summer collection they designed dresses with retro prints of the prettiest destinations.

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City of Dreams

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A big gold vintage frame gives any room the wow factor, but will work especially well in your bedroom as a kind of headboard. Headboards are, by the way, a very big interior trend right now.

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Styling idea: put several city maps in black frames and combine them with copper or brass lamps, a few books and interesting knickknacks. How’s that for a well-travelled look?

city of dreams 31

A city map is a perfect match for all kinds of art prints, like black and white photography and playful illustrations. For the perfect blend, a minimalist frame is the smartest choice.

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To give a retro feel to your interior, choose a thin, old wooden frame for your city map and combine it with other vintage items, like a beautiful piano, seventies vase or some antique suitcases.

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To create a thoroughly modern corner: place an interesting collection of prints and accessories on a white sideboard, then add some green plants and a minimalist candle holder.

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If you are a big fan of city maps, why not take it to another level? This wonderful old-timey drawing of Paris will completely transform a room. You can buy this wall sticker at

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Many interior bloggers revamp their vintage drink trolleys by putting a city map above or right on it. Most choose a shiny black frame and add green plants for a classy and fresh look.

Not a fan of the classic city map? What about a different way to make your favourite city the centre of attention? This font is absolutely beautiful and spices up the clean workspace.

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