Fairies and Freaky Girls


This room is pretty great – what a fantastic mirror and chevron floor! But it’s the accessories that make it stand out. The robot, stunning lamp and beguiling artwork are truly individual choices.


Bring a surprise to a room that ticks all the right hipsters boxes – vintage furniture, patterned rugs and a chevron chair – by displaying a weird and wonderful piece of art. Use a frame in blond wood to keep it light.


Tanya Mayers makes absolutely gorgeous artworks of beautiful but creepy girls in pretty outfits and weird situations. They are endlessly fascinating. Find her works at harrietsimagination.com


If you’re not a big fan of fairy-tale like illustrations but still would like to bring some feminine fantasy into your interior, why not acquire an intriguing art print? This woman’s face behind what seems to be a steamed up window does the trick.


If you’re not afraid of art that packs a punch, go for something big and broody. This work by artist Ruben Ireland has the power to transform an interior. For strong characters only.


Of course, art works with fairies can work in kids’ rooms too. If they are not too dark and spooky, that is. This wide-eyed cutie is the perfect choice for a nursery.


Here’s a fun idea if you’re unsure about displaying freaky beings, but still would like to announce that you’re quite enamoured by then. Use a quote! Simple, stylish and fun. This one is by Little Boom Prints.

These fantasy creatures are made all the more fantastical by the way they are drawn, all swirls and movement. The simple black frame keeps the work modern. The art print is by Etsy Shop ArtByJoonas.


Images from: wix.com, petitandsmall.com, frenchbydesignblog.com, sorsluxe.com, etsy.com, harrietsimagination.com, mydomaine.com


Wild Things

This strong black and white picture of an elephant belongs in a beautiful black frame. The inviting interior is (again) inspired by the environment the elephant lives in: the basket, the couch, the brown leather cushion, the wicker table, the carpet. Good job!


It might be a shocker, but a sober mid century living room is the perfect habitat for an American buffalo. This powerful animal feels right at home between classic wooden chairs, a leather couch and a brass table. Note: use a white frame to maintain the sober atmosphere.


A gallery wall with a bison works best with mostly graphic art, so the animal can take pride of place. Use natural colours as shown in the picture of the bison, add warmth with carpets and cushions, velvet, leather and rattan.



This beautiful, old wooden desk is the perfect place to show this wonderful illustration of American deers and bisons, sold by The Black Vinyl shop on Etsy. To create the ultimate old timey study corner, search for a vintage wooden frame.


A portrait of a lion in a brass frame is the perfect buy for eclectic seventies and eighties interiors. Combine with a liquor cabinet, slick lamps, brass statuettes and deep blue (or emerald green) walls.


Turns out that it’s a great idea to display a grazing bison above a shammy leather chair with a cosy sheepskin. It’s such a cool ensemble! The secret is that the sheepskin looks somewhat similar to the grass of the landscape in the picture.

This bedroom would have had a totally different atmosphere with, say, a picture of roses. The bison really gives a surprising, tough edge. Together with the soft headboard, the light pink cushions and the wooden night stand, it’s just the perfect touch.


It almost looks like this deer is living is this house, it is such a great blend. The brown sheepskin, the leather, the bohemian cushions and the wooden wall are like an echo of the deer’s natural surroundings.

Images from: instagram.com, etsy.com, designsponge.com, bouclair.com, tumblr.com, rainonatinroof.com, myhome-inspiration.blogspot.nl, domino.com, thedesignvilla.com