French Icons


When he was in his heyday, nobody was more broodingly handsome than Alain Delon. A vintage movie poster featuring the actor, like this one of Un Flic, is an unexpected and beautiful addition to a classic interior.


This gallery wall brings quite an eclectic but good-looking company together. Bien étonnés de se trouver ensemble, like the French would say. Scarlett Johansson, autumn leaves and old family portraits are joined by a glamorous picture of Birkin and Gainsbourg.


Another picture of Jane, looking wonderful with her bangs and pretty pea coat. She fits right in between the playful paintings, photobooks and knick-knacks like the piece of coral. A bohemian resident for a bohemian interior.

Jane Birkin is British but she has been living and working in France since the late sixties. She nailed the laid back, bohemian French style like no other, as shown in this fabulous black and white picture of young Jane. With a gold frame and gold accessories, it looks quite chic.
Frame mockup. Interior with large frame. 3d render.

It’s Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin! The mythic couple, although known for their bohemian lifestyle, look great in this monochrome Scandinavian room. A few items in earthy colours, like the vases, keep the room from looking too stark.
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When he was in his heyday, nobody was more broodingly handsome than Alain Delon. A vintage movie poster featuring the This is a cute little corner honouring the love between Birkin and Gainsbourg, like a small altar. The use of a clipboard and tape, instead of frames, give it a light touch. The branch and candles add warmth.


No article on French icons is complete without Catherine Deneuve. This classic little corner is made quite a bit more intriguing by the film poster of Belle de Jour, one of Deneuves’s most famous movies.


Singer and actress Françoise Hardy rose to fame in the sixties. She was the ultimate cool girl, often clad in jeans and leather. This picture of her wearing futurist sunglasses is an original addition to this quite traditional bedroom.

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Under the Microscope

under-the-microscope-12Pina Colada
Michael W. Davidson, working at Florida State University, put some spirits and cocktails under the microscope. The resulting images are simply stunning. No wonder the drinks make you feel light-headed.


The vibrant colours of microscopic art work well in a simple, mainly white interior. This print is by Ilus Art, a company that sells scientific images of human cells and donates part of the proceeds to research.


Looking for a cool finishing touch? How about these throw cushions, with microscopic images in gorgeous colours? They’re available from Etsy shop MacroGrafiks.under-the-microscope-82


A microscopic image will look great as part of a wall gallery, too. Of course, the danger is that the other pictures will seem a bit tame compared to it. But that’s the secret to a good collection: it’s all about the balance. Btw: this is an image of a kidney stone!


Even for the lovers of dark and moody colours, there are microscopic images to be found. Like this beautiful one of vitamin C! It’s a great, unexpected pick for this Scandi chic interior.


Microscopic images aren’t all bright colours and psychedelic shapes. Some have softer shades and shapes, like this one of plant cells. And that’s why it looks great in a pastel interior.

under-the-microscope-41Red Blood Cells
under-the-microscope-42Ocean Fingerprint
Dutch company 4BlueCells turns microscopic images of body cells of you or your loved ones into very personal pieces of art. Now there’s an original idea. And who knew stuff like blood and hair could look this good?

under-the-microscope-23German Dunkel Lager
under-the-microscope-21Irish Pale Lager
under-the-microscope-22White Wine
More drinks! It’s no wonder the gorgeous microscopic images of alcohol, created by Michael W. Davidson, were turned into art. At you can find them as wall art and on scarves and hip flasks.