Desert Days


Nothing captures the spirit of the open road like a picture of the famous Route 66 going through a desert landscape. The dusty colours give the image a melancholy, vintage feel. This photograph is by Etsy store MerakiBrooklyn.


This is a great mix of desert vegetation, open skies, pastel colours and a bit of water in case you get thirsty. The light wooden frames complement the pictures beautifully. All prints are available at Wilder California.


To give your interior a vintage feel, pick a desert image in black and white, with a mount and a frame of lacquered wood. The little flowering pot plant in front of it is a smart touch, it lightens the stark image.


If you think desert pictures only fit a bohemian interior, take a look at this room by Greenhouse Interiors. It is chic, minimalist and classy, but the pastel tones of the picture add softness and warmth.


Another lovely collection of images with a desert theme, this time for a charming home office. A group of just cacti and succulents would have been a tad boring; it’s the desert picture with the horses that enhances the whole.


Photographer and writer Jordan Sullivan made the most beautiful pictures of the mountains in Death Valley. Hanging a bunch of them together will showcase the arresting shapes and colours at their best.

Having a picture of a landscape next to your bed is like having a window with a great view. This one is a fabulous fit for the colours of the furniture, wallpaper and accessories in the room. The rose gold lamp is a good find: it adds shine to the mix of soft textures.


Two desert ecosystems, the Mojave and the Colorado, meet in the Joshua Tree National Park. It is a wonderful site, made famous by the 1987 U2 album The Joshua Tree. Pictures of the landscape, like these by society6, will have you dreaming about a US road trip.

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Smart Deco


Black walls are a big trend, but an all black wall might be a bit too grim. What about a shimmering art deco work like this one in a thin brass frame to lighten the mood? You’ll make the room pop!


For those who are into the all white, Nordic style: an art deco artwork could – surprisingly – make for an interesting style clash. This artwork in gold and black brings elegance to this simple room. It’s from Etsy shop Lovely Posters.


Designing your dining room? Why not consider a wooden art deco wall panel? This one by Katie Martinez Design is an absolute feast for the eye. It will make even the simplest of dinners a classy experience.

Art deco wallpaper will instantly transform your room into a very chic space. The one on the left is called Metropolis, designed by Catherine Martin, and we definitely think it’s a winner. The one in the middle and on the right are by Think Noir Wallpaper.





There are a lot of affordable art deco interior accessories available, like these pretty cushions from webshop We love the fan pattern, as this is such an iconic pattern for the art deco period.


This huge art deco artwork is a gorgeous match for the lovely piece of furniture. The lines of the print itself, of the frame and of the credenza look great together. Also cool: the way the brass legs of the credenza reflect the shiny artwork.


The fonts that are associated with the art deco period look just wonderful. And a quote of the period, like this one by F. Scott Fitzgerald, in one of those snazzy fonts? It will be a fetching presence on any cabinet or credenza.


Wow! Check out this amazing art deco panel in brushed aluminium by Etsy shop Moda Industria. It looks modern and nostalgic at the same time. The artwork is an impressive eye catcher but due to its lightness it’s not over the top. It’s just perfect.