Dark fantasy

Artist Ruben Ireland makes gorgeous images of beautiful women that seem to have stepped out of a gloomy fairy tale. This wall features two of them, and they make for an interesting atmosphere.

An image of a skull always makes a big impact. Think it’s too punk? Think again, and have a look at this print of a diamond-encrusted one (yes, that’s the artwork by Damien Hirst). Pretty chic right? Especially when combined with touches of gold.


The ultimate dark fantasy on tv right now is, without a doubt, Game of Thrones. Fans and artists have made marvellous illustrations inspired by the series. Also a fan? Take a look and maybe you’ll get inspired, too.


On the internet you’ll find lots of interesting images that fit the dark fantasy theme. Like this image by Hamza Luca, who must have a great imagination to come up with a girl drinking tea with owls in an enchanted forest.

Another cool wall with fantastic prints by Ruben Ireland. They look great combined with the whimsical photographs and vintage city map. The thin black frames make sure the images get all the attention.


This is an amazing collection. All the (rather frightening) illustrations are done in the same style but displayed in very different frames, adding to the idea of gothic horror stories. Beautiful and scary at the same time.


And now for a great little corner, a display with lots of fantasy. The pineapples, bell jar and vintage frames go together wonderfully. The artworks are by talented illustrator Diana Volk Zacharias.


Another cool display, assembled with care. The trick is to not make it too minimalist. Have the bell jars, in memoriam card, illustrations and a little doily. The hand is a bit lugubrious, which makes this corner all the more interesting.

Images from: instagram.com, pinterest.com, norsu.com.au, society6.com, kitesi.tumblr.com, home2tiny.blogspot.com, gameofthronesfanart.com, dandingeroz.deviantart.com, greigedesignblog.com


Abstract Landscapes

Julia Contacessi is a painter from Connecticut who explores colour and light in her layered paintings. It’s fun to pick out a hue from one of her art works and reflect it in the furniture, like this elegant blue bench.

And now for some more glamour and sunshine! If you’re not very fond of being reminded of grey skies and moody days, go for an image that brings the sunshine in. Like this one, with a touch of gold.


This painting by Madlen Design features a beautiful play of colour, shapes and light. It’s almost like a window looking out onto a snowy landscape. The smaller, quite similar paintings on the floor are a playful touch and break up the moodiness of the image.


This one is a bit different, a bit playful. The many shades of grey could be clouds, but that idea is subverted by the golden dots in a grid. Or do those evoke sunlight? All in all, a very interesting painting by artist Nina Holst.


If you like a bit of drama, go for a large image that evokes thunder clouds. Gorgeous, isn’t it? You don’t need much else for an impressive hallway, just a simple but beautiful chair and equally classy lamp.


A very sophisticated painting by Julia Kotenko that you could watch forever, like clouds passing by. It suits the very chic corner. The glamorous lamp and foot stools turn this hallway from a forgettable space into a little haven of luxury.

This is a fun but chic pairing of an abstract image and a poem in a lovely font. The golden frames make the images look extra classy – as does the candle stick. Pretty cool.

How evocative is this gorgeous image? It could be a bay, with the hills reflecting in the water. The purity and simple colours make it the perfect addition to a minimalist but warm interior. It’s from Nancy Knight art at Esy, by the way.

Images from: byninaholst.com, etsy.com, juliacontacessi.com, serenaandlily.com, redomee.blogspot.co.uk, desenio.se