Make a Wish


Monochrome is still happening, and images of dandelions fit this enduring trend beautifully. For example, look at the great wall gallery in the chic Scandinavian home of Nina Holst, owner of Do as she does and keep the frames black (or made from natural wood) and stick to black and white artworks.


A close-up of a dandelion on a black background, with a black frame, gives a modern monochrome touch to a bohemian home like this. We also love how it echoes the potted palm and bouquet on the table.


The best place to think about your biggest dreams and deepest wishes is your bedroom. So dandelion art will be a fitting choice for this space. Match it with an equally featherlight image, for example of a… feather.


This bedroom is as sweet as it gets. Not only because of the white and pink colour scheme, the bronze accessories and the soft bedding, but also because of the dreamy artwork by Etsy shop My Own Dreamland. Note the fact that this bed is made of only a matress: such a romantic nest!


The dandelion trend is taking over our floors, too. Look at these wonderful dandelion tiles made by Marrakech Design, available in enchanting colours. The wonderful wool rug is by West Elm, and made by special order.



Once again, the monochrome interior. We are a fan, as they are the perfect place for displaying your favourite illustrations – like this one of a dandelion, of course. The lovely thin frames and matching side table create an elegant atmosphere.


This wallpaper by Karwei is lovely: it transforms any room into an enchanting place. The dandelion print can be combined with a monochrome interior, but will also look great in more bohemian and colourful spaces.


Instagram-worthy bathrooms are on everybody’s wish list nowadays. Be inspired by this space in soothing shades of grey. The pretty dandelion artwork is a lovely eye catcher.

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Lip Service


The perfect match! Sexy lips in a broad black frame pack a punch. Take it to the next level by choosing wallpaper with animal print as a backdrop. This way you’ll get a perfectly cheeky look.


So, you like it soft and smooth? (We are talking about your wall gallery). Opt for a light pink paint on the wall, buy frames that are white or made from natural wood, and give your sexy framed lips the best spot imaginable.


As you already know, a light pink (or salmon) wall is a great background for your lipstick art. With a gallery wall with black frames, filled with other statement art, you’ll get a super poppy atmosphere. Douze points for the fashionable effect of the leopard cushion.

Now this interior is something else. The choice for a huge print is rather cool. Note that the mouth is closed and that the colours in the artwork are a bit cold – for those that like to keep it cool at all times.
Wowsers for this great piece of beautiful beaded pop-art by designer Jonathan Adler. It’s completely made by hand. We think the combination of the blue smoke and the blue cabinet, with the red lips and the black frame is just electric.


Creatives on a budget might want to change their office view without a lot of effort and big bucks. So why not hang your affordable or even DIY-art on an iron wire with some handy clips? This big mouth is for sale at Urban Outfitters.


We love it when two worlds come together. Check out this combination in the home of blogger Amber Chambers of The Beautiful Savages: an antique golden frame in an interior that’s all about black, blue, white and modern design. Like!

The coolest new hotel in Paris is Le Pigalle, located in the quartier of the same name. The interior of the hotel is the greatest mix of velour, vintage furniture, terrazzo and brass, and the crowd is sexy, creative and rock ’n’ roll. What better choice for a logo than a wonderful big red mouth?





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