The Wild Stripes


This is pure drama and we love it. The balance is just perfect. The orange wall is the best background imaginable for this artwork: it makes it really stand out. Also note the great match with the chair.


Would you love to have a eye-caching stairway? We love the edgy effect of these orange art works in graffiti style. The quirky pouf, the playful brass chandelier and cabinet make this place chic and street at the same time. Like!


Designer Jennifer Ferreira knows how to make an apartment look glam, modern and eighties at the same time. She opted for a wall with the greatest wild brush strokes. Add to that the abstract artwork in the golden frame, and the effect is pure magic.


Queen of the chic graffiti style is interior designer Kelly Wearstler. Check out her elegant ‘Graffito Wallpaper’ in ivory and gold. You can buy it in her online store. Note that it’s also available in teal, salmon, onyx, linen and sand. And there are cushions, carpets and curtains in this print too. Wowsa.


What if some corners of your apartment in Scandi style feel too much like an office? These brush strokes by LILAxLOLA in a slick black frame will make the space look fun, not business like. The pink tulip is an inspired addition.


A fireplace can be challenging to decorate. This is the secret: do not be afraid of a powerful, wild artwork. As you can see, it spices up the whole place. If you keep the rest of the styling understated, the look will still be classy.


So, what if all these bold stripes are a tad too big for your taste? Be inspired by this lovely, understated artwork. Without it, this bedroom wouldn’t be half as cool as it is now.


Expressive abstract art not only suit glamorous homes: minimalist interiors are a great match too. Choose furniture and accessories made from natural materials to avoid things looking too cold. Like this wonderful wooden chair and beautiful old jars, that add depth and warmth.


Cinema Icons


Image this room without the poster – it would still be very pretty, but rather different. Lolita peeking out over her heart-shaped sunglasses is an unexpected addition that brings something extra to the room. The orange matches the blue and earth tones of the interior beautifully.


French filmmaker Jacques Tati used form, colour and lighting to help tell his playful stories. So it is no surprise that the poster for his most famous movie Mon Oncle shows a striking graphic design. The iconic image is a great match for the retro vibe of this interior.


Cool vintage furniture and accessories in muted colours look even better when combined with great big splashes of colour, like this fantastic French poster for Almodóvar movie Matador. Not enough yet? Add a rug in bright hues.


Don’t have room for a big gesture? Grouping a few accessories of the same colour with your favourite poster will have quite an impact as well. It’s the easiest way to create a cool film enthusiast’s corner.

Whether you have a minimalist or a classic home, a framed quote is always a good idea. And when it is a cool quote from your favourite movie, even better. It will give your room personality and bring a smile to your face.



Film posters don’t just feel at home in teenage bedrooms and retro interiors. Even in a space as classic as this, the right poster will look absolutely fabulous. We think this one, with handsome French movie star Alain Delon, is a terrific choice.


Monochrome boring? Not at all. Especially when you add a bright orange lamp and a truly huge poster of Jack Nicholson in one of his classic movie roles – a poster that also features a dash of bold orange.


Hungarian artist György Kemény created a lot of beautiful film posters. His simple lines and geometric shapes made for powerful images. This seventies design for Chaplin classics The Kid and The Idle Class inserts fun and colour in the monochrome office space.