About Liv Corday

About us

Liv Corday is a wall art label, producing striking images framed in creative and inventive ways. We are continually researching and sourcing the latest interior design and fashion trends. Our team of bloggers and curators is always on the lookout for what’s new in magazines, blogs, galleries and interesting spaces around the world.

We inspire and are inspired by the artists who provide the images for our label. They are photographers, illustrators, painters and graphic artists from all over the globe. Liv Corday selects them for their unique talent and discusses trends and ideas with them.

Liv Corday wall art is being sold by sales partners, such as Westwing, Wayfair and Vente-privee. They send their offers including Liv Corday wall art products to millions of subscribers throughout Europe. Liv Corday also provides companies and hotels with wall decoration, directly and through business-to-business partners.

The Liv Corday label is part of Any Image, a company specialized in producing and shipping wall art. The Any Image team consists of image, design and print specialists, plus IT, packaging and logistics professionals. The key players of the Any Image team work daily in the Amsterdam studio, where images are curated and turned into beautiful wall art.


Feel free to contact us at hello@livcorday.com