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To The Letter

Oh yes! The statement letter print is the perfect choice for moody, industrial living rooms or lofts like these. The white frame is a smart pick; now all the focus goes toward the character.



Another G, in a rather more cinematic interior as seen on Instagram account @Mikkeldahlstroem. The G is taking centre stage as you can see, though the real secret of its power lies in the surrounding and complementing black and white artworks.


This room we spotted at the Swedish interior and design site Historikahem would be rather more boring without the huge letter H. Though we have to say the beautiful green bedding is looking pretty fabulous, too.


We like this one very much indeed! The framed letters X and O make for a sweet, romantic story. A simple yet strong idea we spotted at Etsy shop DearLilyMay. The brass frames and ditto lights add to the chic appearance of this room.


Vintage interiors are lovely, but you have to make sure they don’t look too old fashioned. A modern framed letter (this one is from Etsy shop AandODesignCo) gives the right creative and fresh vibe.


Now let’s have a look at this wall gallery. It works, no? It’s because of the soft shades of the images and the use of the same black frames. Note how the framed letter A makes for an interesting addition in both colour and shape.


This is the home office of content creator and stylist Amy of the blog We love the minimal styling of this space, and how the letter G print stands out without being overbearing.


OK, so one letter is too minimalist for you? Just hang a few characters, like you see in this lovely atelier. We dig the mix between framed and unframed letter prints. There’s a funny twist here too, with the weird character in the frame. Fun!


We spotted this great letter art styling on the blog Ma Miason Blanche. Thumbs up for the modest yet kick ass combo with the other black and white graphic designs. By not adding other colours or styles a strong, Scandi look is created.


Luscious Flora


French company Ananbô produces the most exquisite wallpapers. This one is called Lombok, after the Indonesian island. The lush jungle, through which peeks a faraway view, will turn a room into a jaw-dropping space.


Colour, colour, colour! The colourful chairs and accessories are lovely, but of course the backdrop is what really makes this room. Who wouldn’t want to dine with this view of dense foliage, luxuriant flowers and wildlife?


No artist painted more lush and mysterious tropical forests than Henri Rousseau. A reproduction on a wall hanging, like this one from DecoraStore, will turn a minimalist white room into something else entirely.


Another example of the Lombok wallpaper by Ananbô, this time used in a bathroom. It’s not the first place you’d think of for wallpaper, but here it has a great effect. It enlarges the space and gives it a dreamy quality.


Add interest to a hallway with a large depiction of a magnificent banana tree. This one is available at Paris interior design store Au fil des couleurs. For those who want to travel in their heads even more: hang a few maps on the wall, like here.


Why not have a large landscape and a big bird? This 19th century illustration by French-American artist John James Audubon, made into a XXL mural by Milexa, will turn a dull office space into a room with a view.


British company Surface View makes amazing murals. Open up your bedroom by placing a grand garden behind your bed. Done! Now all you need to do is have sweet dreams.

Play with perceptions of space by using different wallpaper on walls that are visible from another room. Go from a classical garden to a tropical beach in just a few steps. Keeping the colour scheme similar will make sure the effect isn’t too jarring.


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Time of the Toucans


We will see a growing number of huge statement wall art this year. Check out the impressive effect of this big tropical print by Etsy shop LoopyLolly. Of course, wall art in a predominantly white room like this looks fab in a big white frame.

Spicing up a monochrome bedroom can be simple. A huge toucan print (like this one by Etsy shop GreenliliArt) in a black frame and some matching yellow cushions are all you need for a great place to sleep!



The headband trend is still going strong, so why not rock the toucan trend at the same time? This showstopper is from Anthropologie (the clothing and interior shop) and we think it might be your ultimate fashion item for spring this year.

Madly in love with this toucan trend? Hurry up and buy this rose Tirelire Toucan by &Klevering at web shop Made In Design. It will be a wonderful addition to a cabinet full of tropical curiosities, and it’s perfect for side tables, kitchens and boudoirs too.



This is a cool combo of a vintage tropical and a monochrome interior theme, with black and white pics in slick black frames and a fashionable, vintage rattan chair. That toucan deserves to be in the big frame by the way. It just works, no?


Wallpapers are a huge trend for 2018 and beyond. Get yourself – or your children – the already iconic ‘Exotic’ black and white wallpaper from the French label Bien Fait. Also very much on trend is the graphic yet tropical toucan wallpaper from Anima.


Liven up your grey couch by hanging a brightly coloured toucan on your wall. This one by Atelier Cartouche definitely adds humour to a place. It will lift the spirit of anyone who takes a seat!


The ice blue fabric is a great match for the tropical birds, plus the thin black frames go well with the refined furniture. Want more? This picture is from a preview of the book Les designers Francais et leur interieur (by Marie Farman and Diane Hendrikx) in AD Magazine.


This cabinet is available at Maisons du Monde. It’s made from mango wood, so it’s very fitting to go for tropical styling. Note the fresh effect of the little yellow stool – matching with the toucan print – and see what some green bananas can do for your interior, too.


A Bug’s Life


Old entomology illustrations in poster sizes will look fabulous in an eclectic interior. Use them as a starting point for a colour scheme, as was done here. The colours of the insects are reflected in the wall paint and accessories.


Framed butterflies are the prettiest objects. Not too fond of the real thing? Prints will look just as good. Especially combined with antique paintings, vintage prints and – look at that! – framed plants.


Do you fear a room could look too girly? Stick a few monochrome posters of beetles on the wall. They will form a cool contrast to the softness of the pinks, birdcage and flowers.


An insect print will look cool in a little corner full of unique finds: cross-stitch roses, an ornate tea kettle and a pretty slipper. Assemble some interesting objects and try creating a similar set-up yourself.

What’s better than an old didactic school poster? Lots of them! Combine several insect prints with a collection of plant posters for a fabulous wall gallery. These ones are by Dutch brand Sissy Boy.



Make nature the main theme for your interior, by not only having a wonderful array of potted plants but also a lovely collection of insect wall art. Choose natural materials for the furniture, floor and rugs as well.


Daredevils might want to go for an insect wallpaper, like this one by Onszelf. It’s an eye-catcher, that’s for sure. With walls full of shiny black crawlies, the rest of the room can be kept simple. These accessories in natural colours do the trick.


Phylliidae are insects that mimic the shapes of leaves. That’s pretty ingenious. Put a print of one of these crazy creatures on your wall (like this one by SlapDash Papery) and you’ll be able to study their amazing shape every day.

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The Wild Stripes


This is pure drama and we love it. The balance is just perfect. The orange wall is the best background imaginable for this artwork: it makes it really stand out. Also note the great match with the chair.


Would you love to have a eye-caching stairway? We love the edgy effect of these orange art works in graffiti style. The quirky pouf, the playful brass chandelier and cabinet make this place chic and street at the same time. Like!


Designer Jennifer Ferreira knows how to make an apartment look glam, modern and eighties at the same time. She opted for a wall with the greatest wild brush strokes. Add to that the abstract artwork in the golden frame, and the effect is pure magic.


Queen of the chic graffiti style is interior designer Kelly Wearstler. Check out her elegant ‘Graffito Wallpaper’ in ivory and gold. You can buy it in her online store. Note that it’s also available in teal, salmon, onyx, linen and sand. And there are cushions, carpets and curtains in this print too. Wowsa.


What if some corners of your apartment in Scandi style feel too much like an office? These brush strokes by LILAxLOLA in a slick black frame will make the space look fun, not business like. The pink tulip is an inspired addition.


A fireplace can be challenging to decorate. This is the secret: do not be afraid of a powerful, wild artwork. As you can see, it spices up the whole place. If you keep the rest of the styling understated, the look will still be classy.


So, what if all these bold stripes are a tad too big for your taste? Be inspired by this lovely, understated artwork. Without it, this bedroom wouldn’t be half as cool as it is now.


Expressive abstract art not only suit glamorous homes: minimalist interiors are a great match too. Choose furniture and accessories made from natural materials to avoid things looking too cold. Like this wonderful wooden chair and beautiful old jars, that add depth and warmth.