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She’s in Fashion

she-s-in-fashion 01a

Brighten up dull tasks done in your home office with an intriguing fashion illustration. A background in a pastel shade will soften dark furniture and whimsical accessories add a touch of fun.

she-s-in-fashion 04a

Pink! Gold! Flowers! Go full-on girly by combining your fashion illustrations with even more girly stuff. Why not? The simple frames in black and white keep it from becoming too sugary.

she-s-in-fashion 06a

Turn fashion sketches from girly into ladylike with grown-up accessories and furniture. Like this wonderful leather tray, mirrored table and patterned poufs. And don’t forget about the frames: the arrangement of these silver ones is very classy indeed.

she-s-in-fashion 02a
she-s-in-fashion 02b

Australian fashion illustrator Megan Hess has worked for Dior, Chanel and Tiffany & Co. She even made a design for the bottom of a luxurious swimming pool. As is to be expected, her home and studio are the epitome of feminine style. She makes the most of her illustrations with wide white or black frames.

she-s-in-fashion 02c

she-s-in-fashion 05a
she-s-in-fashion 05b

More, more, more… why choose a print when you can have all of them on your wall? Just go for an interesting mix of designs and colours. The occasional baroque gold frame looks fabulous in between black and white frames.

The warmest, funniest and most stylish fashion blogger – it’s Garance Doré, of course – has published a book. It’s called Love x Style x Life (Spiegel & Grau) and is full of great illustrations, advice and stories. Not just about fashion, but also about work, friendship and love.

she-s-in-fashion 03a

Jessica Durrant is a fantastic fashion illustrator. Check out her Instagram account or, even better, her Etsy shop. Not only does she make fab fashion water colours, her travel and nature images are equally captivating.

she-s-in-fashion 07c

she-s-in-fashion 08a

Really make your fashion illustrations pop by hanging them on a bright wall. It’s even better when you match the shades of the wall and the illustrations. Hot pink and Tiffany blue are great choices.

she-s-in-fashion 08b

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the word is out 000

The Word Is Out

the word is out 001

Dare to be outspoken! Choose quotes in different colours, fonts and graphic styles and combine them with abstract art. It will make any interior happy as can be.

the word is out 002

Orange is the new black, according to the hit series. But you can choose any bright colour you like for your quote to really lift a room.

the word is out 003

Fond of Scandinavian interiors? Can’t blame you. A collection of black and white framed quotes will give your room a cool Nordic atmosphere. Note: the frames should be black or natural, to keep the vibe calm and clean.

the word is out 005

You can keep it classy with quotes. It only takes a beautiful frame, a lot of white and some food

the word is out 007

YUP Hotel in the Belgian city of Hasselt (where you can find the Modemuseum) shows you how to set a framed quote on fire: black background, black frame and white letters. Mix it with soft pastels and fashion photography for a very up to date look.
for thought.

the word is out 006

Here’s a different way of adding quotes to your interior: tiles. Danish web shop Tile Junkie has great, quirky tile stickers. It’s never been easier to update a bathroom or kitchen

the word is out 004
the word is out 004b

There’s little arguing that quotes look best in black and white, but combined with one colour that really pops, those monochrome images look even better.

the word is out 008

Why not put your motivational quote where it’s needed most – beside your bed. Keep it feminine with a delicate golden frame, elegant objects and flowers. These fun prints are by Etsy shop BySamantha.

the word is out 008b

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Misty Mountains

Misty Mountains

misty mountains 014

This is how you make a modest statement with only one bright colour, like the green in this dining room. There is a beautiful, serene unity between the pine forest and the green plants.

misty mountains 004

Surprise yourself and your visitors: choose a unique shape for your print. This wall sticker by Urban Outfitters is like a window onto a beautiful Alpine peak.

misty mountains 001

A misty mountain print calls for natural colours and materials, like this piece of wood, wooden furniture and brick wall. It will create a chic rustic mood.

misty mountains 009A
The white bedroom.

If your room needs a big statement, then a wall mural might be your solution. It’s almost impossible to make your room more dreamy and magical than this.

misty mountains 008

Would you like to spend your nights in a fairy tale landscape? You’ll definitely have magic dreams underneath this duvet cover by society6.

misty mountains 011

The interior of Amsterdam restaurant Nevel (the name means ‘mist’ in Dutch) is all about simple design furniture, shimmery details and lots of white. The perfect surroundings for a huge print of a winter wonderland.

misty mountains 012

misty mountains 006

The plywood trend is everywhere, so it was only a matter of time until some creative blogger came up with this great diy idea. Make your own headboard of plywood, and decorate it with a misty mountain print. It’s the perfect combination! See how it’s done at the

misty mountains 013

Decorating is all about telling stories. So why don’t you put a chair with a nice woollen pillow or sheep skin next to your misty mountain print? Looks like a cloud came by to say hi.

misty mountains 002

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baroque bouquet 000

Baroque Bouquet

baroque bouquet 04

Dolce & Gabbana know a thing or two about the impact of a beautiful flower on a dark background. Their autumn/winter collection 2015/2016 is full of pretty rose fabrics, most of them black and some a rich green.

baroque bouquet 06

Flowers are romantic, so why not put a still life in the bedroom? The green glass objects in this room complement the shades of green in the painting. And the roses on the bed stand make it even more romantic.

baroque bouquet 03

Hotel Canal House in Amsterdam is comprised of 17th century merchants’ houses. The interior design is modern but warm, with rich chocolate browns and gorgeous purples. The colours are a great match for the floral still lifes that are displayed in the rooms.

baroque bouquet 3a

baroque bouquet 05

For those who aren’t afraid of a dramatic impact: choose wallpaper with huge blooms, like this one by Ellie Cashman. Let the rest of your interior follow suit with baroque furniture and colours, or go the opposite way with simple and light designs.


Design label Moooi has launched Moooi carpets at the Salone del Mobile in Milan. Thanks to new technology, the company can make extremely photorealistic carpets. This round one is a design by Moooi art director Marcel Wanders called Eden Queen.

baroque bouquet 08

Not only when it comes to wall decoration can the Golden Age be an inspiration. Brass candlesticks and blue and white crockery are also a stylish wink at the era. Those really enamoured by the idea can add their own fruit still life.

baroque bouquet 07

The dark backgrounds are part of what’s so special about the floral still lifes of the Golden Age. It makes the flowers really stand out. Put a print on a wall with a similar shade and the effect is doubly beautiful.

Is it a photograph or a painting? Dutch photographer Bas Meeuws creates still lifes that call to mind the paintings by the Dutch Masters of the 17th century. He photographs the flowers one by one and then digitally arranges them into a lush bouquet.

baroque bouquet 02
baroque bouquet 02a
baroque bouquet 02b

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The Eye Has To Travel


This is a great styling tric for those who like big, bold statements: choose the largest worldmap possible and paint a piece of furniture in the most striking colour on the map. For extra effect, add a pretty rug.


You’ll dream of travelling the world sleeping underneath this beautiful bedding by Urban Outfitters, with each country a different print.


This is one of the most popular colours of 2015: Light Blue by paint specialists Farrow & Ball. Paint your walls in the subtle shade, and add a vintage map with similar tones for maximum effect.


If you want to make the most of the vintage feel of a map, match it with vintage furniture with peeling paintwork or a beautiful old leather chair.


For those who have a serious case of wanderlust and would like to carry a map at all times: how about this lovely Iphone case with antique map drawings? It’s for sale at


Vintage maps work well in bohemian interiors. Give a room am eclectic vibe with colourful fabrics and finds from around the world.

This is how you decorate when you have a truly worldly outlook. Your living room will look absolutely fabulous with a vintage map on the wall plus some antique globes.


Looking for some nice wrapping paper, but don’t want to ruin your vintage maps? These lovely choices from Etsy shops Bookishly and Wrap and Revel will do the trick.

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