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Soft Geometry


Geometry and animals make for an unusual combination – and that’s why it works. The geometry ensures animal prints don’t look too cutesy, and the animals take the hard edges off the geometry.




If you’re a true DIY enthusiast, it’s possible to make your own 3D wall decoration. This pretty mint green and blue one, made with paper, was featured in French DIY magazine KNOT.


Dutch design duo Scholten & Baijings has a knack for combining geometry with unexpected colours. This bed linen design is called Syrup. It’s part of the Minimal collection, available through Danish design emporium Hay.


Rumiko Matsumoto is a Japanese designer with an eye for the softer side of geometric forms. This design called Parallel is a wallpaper she designed for Iphones.


Make geometry playful by choosing a print with multiple overlapping shapes in different colours. Combine with curvy objects and fun typography for an even softer feel.

soft_geometry_07Feel like not only decorating your home but also yourself with some pretty geometry? Vanessa Gade combines geometric forms with delicate chains to make jewellery that looks both delicate and strong.

Designer Tom Dixon is famous for his gorgeous lamps in shiny materials. The Etch Shade lamp is inspired by mathematics and when lit, projects flowing shapes on the walls.



The combination of geometric forms and landscapes makes for intriguing, dreamlike images. Legan Rooster is from Honduras and created these striking beauties. Originally trained as an architect, there’s often a tension between the figurative and the abstract in this artist’s work.

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The Life Aquatic

Looks like the jellyfish is a big inspiration for designers: Roxy Russell came up with this wonderful Medusae Collection, with dreamlike lamps resembling jellyfish.

the-life-aquatic-medusa lamp roxy russe


The sea is a great inspiration for interiors, but what about adding some sea-inspired clothes to your wardrobe? The Valentino spring-summer collection for 2015 has plenty of pretty accessories and floaty dresses with embroidered starfish, coral and shells.

the-life-aquatic-antique-mera hotel

Love a big statement once in a while: ask an illustrator to draw your favourite sea creature on the biggest, whitest wall you have. Like this impressive octopus, which you’ll find at Mera Hotel & Spa, located in upcoming travel destination Poland. The hotel was designed by Polish studio Loft Magdalena Adamus.


Do you have a styling blackout? Here’s some help. One should always try to tell a story. In this case: pick your four (or more) favourite sea life prints and put them together. In a group they form a strong, colourful image.


If you’d like to be completely immersed in an underwater theme, this eccentric Fornasetti II Aquario wallpaper from Cole and Son will do the trick. Match with white accessories for a chic, beachy look. 

the-life-aquatic-fan coral

Your favourite print deserves a lovely and fitting home. This one, of delicate fan coral, looks good in an equally delicate frame, and surrounded by shells and flowers in soft hues.


Hanging your prints on a bold and bright wall will make their colours pop. Proof: this wonderful picture, found at the online home of interior design magazine Lonny. Match with ikat fabrics for a fresh, upbeat combination.

Not all prints have to be bought. You could get a stamp and create your own prints and stationery. Quality paper is essential: choose materials that look luxurious. This cute seahorse stamp is by Standard Stamp, which also has a selection of fish, whales and crustaceans.

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Fashion darling01

Fashion Darlings


Garance Doré started her blog in 2006 as a way to garner attention for her fashion illustrations. Nine years later she has millions of fans worldwide, who appreciate her quirky views on fashion and laid back personal writing. Garance still makes fashion illustrations and has a wonderful line of stationery, for sale on her website.


Want to give drawing a try yourself? Fashion Illustration Techniques: A Super Reference Book for Beginners is a great work that can teach you the basics of fashion illustration. Author Zeshu Takamura based his book on the courses that he teaches at the Japanese Bunka Fashion College.


Fashion illustrations needn’t be confined to your living room or boudoir. All that drab office stuff and computer equipment could do with a little fashion and colour. Put an illustration on your desk for instant style and a touch of femininity.


Beautiful shoes don’t need to stay hidden. Give them pride of place between books, scented candles and vases. The same goes for sunglasses and handbags. And even hats: you can put those on a hat stand or hang them on the wall. You’ll have a well-dressed home and be happy to see your fabulous accessories on a daily basis.



The book 100 Years of Fashion Illustration offers, with 400 fabulous illustrations, a great overview of the art. From a century ago, when fashion magazines only used illustrations and no photographs, to our era and work that is created digitally.

lovisarum21ander ook
Illustrations with bold but elegant lines, such as these by Lovisa Burfitt, match well with a simple black frame or a delicate golden one. For extra glamour, put another touch of gold nearby, like this candle stick.

Adorn your wall with a vintage fashion illustration for a touch of class. One of the great artists of the twentieth century is René Gruau, who worked for Dior, Schiaparelli and Lanvin, and magazines such as Elle, Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue. Gruau is famous for his elegant style and flowing brushstrokes.






Clothing hangers are a clever way to display your fashion illustrations. The rose golden ones are by Danish design label Hay. They look good with a print clipped to them, but also lend themselves to other purposes. Why not use them to display a favourite item of clothing, sparkly jewellery or a row of pretty scarves?

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Cool Cactus

So crazy about the plants that you want them everywhere, but rather not literally? Portland design collective makelike designed this funky wallpaper with soft green cactus illustrations, so you can have them from floor to ceiling.

cactus03For those that want to get up close and personal with the cactuses, the Four Seasons Resort Scottsdale is a great place. Located in the high Sonoran desert in Arizona, it is surrounded by many species. Standing out are the immense saguro cactuses and the teddy bear cholla, that looks fuzzy and cuddly but is still a prickly fellow.

tumblr_njr3j2q5gD1twanu5o1_1280This beautiful botanical print was made in 1906 and shows that cactuses can be pretty flamboyant. The clips are an inventive way of suspending it. This works best with an image that’s printed on thicker, sturdy material like foamboard or Dibond.
A cactus print will look wonderful hanging on the wall, but also works on cool pieces of clothing with a summer vibe. Take this kimono with a cute cactus print by Australian label Somedays Lovin.
More design inspiration, and proof that cactuses look good when accompanied by other cactuses and black and white prints. The gold in the picture and the picture frame adds a touch of class.

cactus02Photographer and environmentalist Ansel Adams is famous for his black-and-white pictures of the American West. He not only captured the majestic landscape but also used his images for the cause of wilderness preservation. This photo of impressive saguaro cactuses was taken in 1941 in Saguaro National Park, Arizona.
Lots of plant shops will have cactuses for sale, but Hot Cactus in LA has only cactuses. Owner Johnny Morera is an expert whose collection once counted 2.000 pieces. The store is full of hard to find and good-looking species.

It’s hard to kill a cactus, if you buy one you’ll probably have it for years. So why not get it a very pretty pot? Cactuses will look fab in these collections by Serax.

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