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Flora in Black and White


Black and white botanical prints look great in a minimalist space, but even in bohemian rooms they will shine. This is a fantastic collection of images and frames, striking the right balance between symmetry and playfulness.


This is another example of monochrome prints looking fabulous in a more cosy space. The coloured wall and the one 3D art piece keep the corner lively, and the wood, baskets and plant add warmth. A great little set-up.


And now for something different. Steven N. Meyers makes gorgeous art photographs, x-rays of plants and flowers that reveal their delicate beauty. Often in soft shades of green and pink, but also in black and white. They’ll make for lovely wall art.


Pernille Folcarelli is not only an interior designer, but also makes beautiful botanical prints in muted colours and black and white. Hang a whole group of them together for maximum effect, and choose simple frames if you want to keep it minimalist.

The bathroom is an unexpected place for wall art, but it looks all the better for it. This classical space is made even more chic by the chandelier and botanical images. Black and white prints are also a very good match for a coloured wall.


An up close image of palm leaves with stark shadows makes for an intriguing piece of wall art. Especially if it’s framed like this one, with two wooden slats, and accompanied by, wait for it… a palm leaf!


The monstera is a monster success. We’ve seen the print on everything from bikinis to wallpaper. And rightly so: its leaves have a wonderful shape. So why not show just one, to emphasize it? This print is by Etsy shop Little Ink Empire.


A black and white picture of plants can look rather arty and chic, especially with a mount, as proven by this piece by Coco Lapine. The print looks great in the monochrome dining room, adding wild shapes but not crazy colour.

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The Butterfly Effect

Sunburst mirrors are gorgeous, and together with butterfly art they make for an utterly chic decor. Check out this wonderful art deco-ish, eclectic ensemble created by interior shop Maison du Monde.



Lucky enough to have a raw wall like this? A mix of framed and unframed butterfly prints (that wooden pinch is pretty cool) in the same soft colours might be a great styling idea. This way you’ll create the perfect balance between industrial and natural.


Sophisticated, elegant rooms are the perfect place for a framed butterfly print. Don’t let it become boring though, and opt for split butterfly prints like these ones by Caitlin Wilson. For the right balance, choose a butterfly (and frame) that matches your furniture and accessories.


Be inspired by this beautiful, quirky collection of butterflies in vintage frames. It’s very intriguing to look at: we are the most fascinated by the butterflies sitting on the mushrooms. And did you see the lovely prints of the fern leaves? Good choice.


Which butterfly should one choose for a Nordic style like this? We think those that are mainly black and white with just a small splash of colour – shown here in the interior of the owner of – are beautiful. Such a simple, strong, yet elegant look.


We are obsessed with eclectic shelves like these. As you can see, the butterfly really grabs your attention. At the same time, it looks great surrounded by all these other images, like pictures of city streets, artsy illustrations, numbers and quotes.


Wow, how we love this light blue butterfly in a golden antique frame. It’s the centre of attention in a very romantic, historical space. Do not worry though if you’re not the owner of a place like this. Similar wall art is perfect for bohemian and eclectic rooms too.


See, even at Gucci they are into butterflies right now. This is one of the most popular Gucci iPhone cases at the moment. Like it? Buy it at Or if you really want to treat yourself, go for the gorgeous bag.



Fan of moody colours? Here, midnight blue adds glamour and depth to a hallway. The mix of brown and black frames, and round mirrors, is creative and cool. The cherry on the cake is the blue butterfly with its orange backdrop, that’s for sure.


The use of vibrant colours in interiors is a big trend. This is how you rock it: paint your biggest wall in a statement colour like green, blue or even yellow, and put three colourful butterflies in black chic frames against it. It’s all about strong statements.

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Dream in Green


This vintage illustration of the impressive Strelitzia reginae is lovely, with its wooden slats. Is it too much to match the gorgeous dark green colour with the day bed, sheep skin and potted plant? Well, no: the white wall keeps it all in check.


Melbourne furniture store Pop & Scott matched their Dreamer couch in seaweed linen with fine art prints by Lisa Sorgini. They are intriguing photographs of tropical blooms immersed in water.


Dealing with a small hallway or a boring area? Consider circus themed wall art to make it lively. And why not choose a coloured frame, like a striking red one? It will be a great match for most circus posters.

Botanical illustrations in dark greens look mighty fine in combination with black and white prints. Choose a posse of cool plants and fab black and white furniture and accessories for maximum impact.




This display of furniture and accessories by Barker and Stonehouse has wonderful wallpaper as a backdrop. The dark shiny greens and the combination of banana and palm leaves make it pretty original.


Boutique guesthouse 28 Kothi in Jaipur has this great little corner featuring botanical illustrations from a local artist. They look great with the cool chair and also locally made lamp and vase.


Illustrations are fabulous, but a photograph of a dense forest can look really grand too. This one adds interest to the living room and makes it look extra spacious. It’s as if the room has an extra window overlooking the jungle.

Dutch designer Fabienne Chapot’s clothes in palm print fabric are a big hit. Whether you pick the dress, shorts or shirt, the items will bring a smile to your face and even on the dreariest days make you feel like you’re on holiday.




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Circus Stars


Would you like a circus themed bedroom too? Mix and match with safari style to create a grown-up atmosphere. We love this unique 30’s circus poster and its beautiful wooden frame. Also pretty great: the sisal carpet, the stuffed animals and the vintage bed.


Cool idea! With full-scale marquee lights you can create a grown-up circus style at home: they’ll make your living room absolutely spectacular and theatrical. Find your letter lamps at


Dealing with a small hallway or a boring area? Consider circus themed wall art to make it lively. And why not choose a coloured frame, like a striking red one? It will be a great match for most circus posters.

Now this is a statement. An antique, supersized circus poster used as a room divider. This thing is one of a kind, that’s for sure, and we love how it bathes in the spotlights. Maybe we’ll find ours in an antique market one day.



Restaurant Joya in Amsterdam impresses with its eclectic decor in earthy colours. It’s full of unique finds from all around the world. This huge vintage piece of circus art is one of those pieces. It’s photographed by bloggers


Look at the funny and smart office of illustrator / designer Tad Carpenter. The vintage circus print with its strong typography and roaring lion really stands out. It is complemented by the impressive 3D letters. The large pile of books is a creative idea, too.


Decorating a chimney is about finding balance. A strong piece of framed art like this vintage circus poster will lead the way. Place your accessories at different heights and choose items in the most important colour of the artwork.


Now, what to do with an odd sized side table like this? It would be a shame to not use it. Put it in between rooms with a huge circus print above it. This way it functions as a space divider. A white frame will make sure the ensemble doesn’t become too loud.

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Desert Days


Nothing captures the spirit of the open road like a picture of the famous Route 66 going through a desert landscape. The dusty colours give the image a melancholy, vintage feel. This photograph is by Etsy store MerakiBrooklyn.


This is a great mix of desert vegetation, open skies, pastel colours and a bit of water in case you get thirsty. The light wooden frames complement the pictures beautifully. All prints are available at Wilder California.


To give your interior a vintage feel, pick a desert image in black and white, with a mount and a frame of lacquered wood. The little flowering pot plant in front of it is a smart touch, it lightens the stark image.


If you think desert pictures only fit a bohemian interior, take a look at this room by Greenhouse Interiors. It is chic, minimalist and classy, but the pastel tones of the picture add softness and warmth.


Another lovely collection of images with a desert theme, this time for a charming home office. A group of just cacti and succulents would have been a tad boring; it’s the desert picture with the horses that enhances the whole.


Photographer and writer Jordan Sullivan made the most beautiful pictures of the mountains in Death Valley. Hanging a bunch of them together will showcase the arresting shapes and colours at their best.

Having a picture of a landscape next to your bed is like having a window with a great view. This one is a fabulous fit for the colours of the furniture, wallpaper and accessories in the room. The rose gold lamp is a good find: it adds shine to the mix of soft textures.


Two desert ecosystems, the Mojave and the Colorado, meet in the Joshua Tree National Park. It is a wonderful site, made famous by the 1987 U2 album The Joshua Tree. Pictures of the landscape, like these by society6, will have you dreaming about a US road trip.

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