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A Bohemian Bunch

This is a fine example of the great effect of hanging many works with a similar theme together. Having a colourful wall like this in your home is guaranteed to brighten your days.

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Here’s a lovely picture to remind you of the power of flowers. Imagine this without the flowers; a rather duller image, no? Flower prints will have a similar uplifting result.

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Artist Kathy Anderson is based in Connecticut, where she has a lovely garden. Her love of nature shows in her beautiful impressionist paintings of flowers and plants.

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White walls and a bare white wooden floor make sure the overall effect of these flower prints in ornate gold frames isn’t too busy. Look at the frame on the left with the flowers painted on the wall inside: isn’t that an inventive trick?

Floral still lifes work well in light and modern interiors. They really pop in white surroundings and white frames. The minimalist lamp is a great addition; it keeps the room from looking too sweet.

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Painter Odilon Redon is mostly known for his dreamlike symbolist works but he also made flower paintings in exquisite colours, some surrounded by butterflies. The blue he used for his cornflowers is especially luminous.

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For a truly bohemian feeling: mix it all up. Hang floral still lifes together with landscapes and portraits, using different fames. The secret is in the choice of colours for the frames. Because these are in white, silver and gold, the overall effect is light.

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Liven up your table with Villeroy & Boch’s Mariefleur tableware, inspired by Monet’s garden in Giverny. The pieces come in a lovely variety of motifs that, like a mixed bouquet, look great together.

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