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Agate Rocks

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An agate print will stand out beautifully when you use a golden frame, especially when there’s a touch of gold in the print itself. Oh, and don’t forget to put a golden mid-century lamp on your dresser. It will complete the look.

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How about a piece of colourful agate art for your bedroom? This one is from Urban Outfitters and looks fantastically bohemian in combination with the tie-dye bedding and kelim cushion.

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Think your sofa is too basic? Add interest to a piece of furniture by hanging a framed, brightly coloured agate print above it. The many colours provide lots of options for cushions to go with it.

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Styling accessories made with or from agate are absolutely marvellous. Put some agate bookends on your bookshelf for an unexpected touch, or place agate slices on beautiful stands among other precious objects.

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For a fabulous interior: paint a wall in one of the colours of your agate art. The trick is to make the colours blend, so be sure to pick the right colour. Your print will look modern but chic when framed in Perspex.

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Mix your agate art with velvet furniture for an eclectic and very fashionable look. It’s a wonderful combination because of the depth and richness of both velvet and agate. Choose a white frame, or no frame at all, to make the print speak for itself.

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Agate coasters are really quite chic, especially combined with golden cutlery, vintage plates and marble. Buy your coasters on Etsy and give your table the wow-factor.

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Really impressed by agate? Chandeliers or table lamps made of agate slices are the perfect choice for your dining room or hallway. Hollywood-based artist Marjorie Kouras makes these beautiful chandeliers and seventies designer Willy Rizzo is the man behind the cool vintage table lamps. Find them on


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