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Amazing Ikat

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Whatever colours you have used in your interior, there is always an Ikat design to match them. And if you really love your Ikat prints, you can also work the other way around and find furniture that matches them.

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It’s fun to use ikat as a starting point for the decoration of a room. These headboards upholstered in ikat are complemented by the bedding and stools. They also match with the art prints in a cool, unexpected way.

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Don’t hesitate to combine ikat with other fabrics, patterns and prints. As long as you keep the colours similar, the effect is striking without being messy. The lobster and whale prints go well with the blue hues.

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French luxury label Hermes not only makes fantastic bags, but also has chic tableware. The Voyage en Ikat collection is inspired by ikat fabrics. Eat like a king from these plates with a 24 carat gold trim.

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Ikat fabrics come in many different patterns. These art prints by Pottery Barn showcase a few of them. The use of similar colours makes sure they go well together and that the overall effect is classic.

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The fun thing about artworks inspired by ikat designs is that they’re abstract but never cold or boring. On the contrary: they bring a touch of summer to any interior. This swell painting in vibrant colours is by Laura Dro, an artist from Florida.

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Ikat fabrics are made with yarn that is not entirely dyed. In some places, the yarn is tied together or covered with water resistant wax. This causes the characteristic hazy borders of the patterns. They can be a great inspiration for an original artwork, as shown here.

If you have a great piece of Ikat fabric, or a scarf, why leave it in your closet? Consider hanging it in in one of your rooms. Maybe you can even turn it into a screen or have it framed.

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