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Baroque Bouquet

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Dolce & Gabbana know a thing or two about the impact of a beautiful flower on a dark background. Their autumn/winter collection 2015/2016 is full of pretty rose fabrics, most of them black and some a rich green.

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Flowers are romantic, so why not put a still life in the bedroom? The green glass objects in this room complement the shades of green in the painting. And the roses on the bed stand make it even more romantic.

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Hotel Canal House in Amsterdam is comprised of 17th century merchants’ houses. The interior design is modern but warm, with rich chocolate browns and gorgeous purples. The colours are a great match for the floral still lifes that are displayed in the rooms.

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For those who aren’t afraid of a dramatic impact: choose wallpaper with huge blooms, like this one by Ellie Cashman. Let the rest of your interior follow suit with baroque furniture and colours, or go the opposite way with simple and light designs.


Design label Moooi has launched Moooi carpets at the Salone del Mobile in Milan. Thanks to new technology, the company can make extremely photorealistic carpets. This round one is a design by Moooi art director Marcel Wanders called Eden Queen.

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Not only when it comes to wall decoration can the Golden Age be an inspiration. Brass candlesticks and blue and white crockery are also a stylish wink at the era. Those really enamoured by the idea can add their own fruit still life.

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The dark backgrounds are part of what’s so special about the floral still lifes of the Golden Age. It makes the flowers really stand out. Put a print on a wall with a similar shade and the effect is doubly beautiful.

Is it a photograph or a painting? Dutch photographer Bas Meeuws creates still lifes that call to mind the paintings by the Dutch Masters of the 17th century. He photographs the flowers one by one and then digitally arranges them into a lush bouquet.

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