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Beach, Please

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Add interest to a dining room with a picture that tells a story. This artwork brings life, creativity and inspiration. The simple white frame is used is the perfect roommate for the Eero Saarinen tulip table from the 1960’s.

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With a picture of sunny bay you’ll feel like you’re on a permanent holiday. Choose a white frame for maximum brightness. Combine with a white vintage cabinet and a colourful carpet to create the perfect summery atmosphere.

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A beach with sunbathing and swimming people makes for a cool and fascinating image. So why not choose two? Anyone who enters this room will immediately be drawn to it. Again, white frames are the best choice.

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Real sea lovers might go all the way with an impressive wall mural like this. Perfect for coastal homes, though it’s great for an urban apartment too.

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Want a place to curl up in when it’s cold? Choose some pics of wintery seas and shores, and a vintage armchair with a lovely throw. The red and rusty shades of the vintage carpet add a feeling of warmth.

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A boring white corridor can easily be transformed into a fun place. The only thing you need is a picture of a bright blue sea and an old wooden bench. Choose a wooden frame for the perfect pairing.

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For a sitting room that makes you think of a beach house: keep it white, keep it simple. Choose furniture made of natural wood and fabrics in blue shades. Hang a framed picture of a quiet tropical sea. Now, dream away.

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A beach vista in soft colours will bring calm to a room. It’s also a great, unexpected match for antique furniture. In a bedroom with bedding in natural tones it will create an even more zen-like atmosphere.

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