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But First, Ice Cream

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Some popsicle or ice cream cone art is a great way to brighten up a children’s room. You’ll create a playful scenery in a flash. Use a thick white frame and display some cute items on the top. This print is by Eef Lillemor.

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Striking still lifes are the secret of a distinctive home. Choose an ice cream cone for retro interiors – and don’t forget the clips. If you are more into antiques, choose popsicles in a golden frame.

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Ice cream art works well in an interior that has a vintage LA vibe. To create such a setting, collect pictures of banana plants, palm trees and pools. Faded pastel colours and black and white images are key too, just as simple white or wooden frames, or even no frames at all.

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Not feeling the classic cone? Popsicles are a hit too. Thanks to their graphic feel, they’ll fit perfectly in modern interiors with lots of natural wood and minimalist design items. Choose thin wooden frames to make your art match the furniture.

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A boring corner of a room is updated in a sec with the help of some cushions and brightly coloured scoops of ice cream. Choose a simple white frame to make the colours really stand out. This print is by Showler & Showler.

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Is your Scandinavian interior in need of a style twist? What about a fashionable illustration of a classic ice cream cone, in swirly pastels? It’ll add instant fun to your minimalist room.

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This super colourful collection creates an upbeat and happy place. A totally white space makes the most of all the popping colours. No frames were used, this way it’s kept simple, creative and low key.

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Why not have an ice cream print turn up in an unexpected place? You could decorate the inside of a cabinet with an ice cream print and a diy popsicle. Such a funny surprise when you open it, it’ll brighten your day.

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