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The best frame for your blue chinoiserie art could be a silver or golden one. They are a lovely match and will make your living room or hallway look as classy as a five star hotel.

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Feel like transforming a wall in your living room? Matching a chinoiserie print to the colour of your wall is a very chic idea. Add a flowering plant to enhance the floral theme.

Give your bedroom an easy yet impressive makeover by hanging one or two framed chinoiserie pieces by your bed. Choose a striped duvet cover in a matching colour to make it work like a pro.

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Fashion also has its eye on chinoiserie – as proven by the spring/summer collection for 2016 by Gucci, today’s hottest brand. This image, from W Magazine, has a great background to complement the outfit.

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If you’re totally into this trend, why not cover your walls in chinoiserie wallpaper? It will make rooms look quite original. Find great wallpaper at

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Chinoiserie prints like these two beauties not only work well with lighter colours, they’re also a great match for dark walls and floors. The sombre tones will make the pastels pop.

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Try a large piece of chinoiserie art for your dining room, like this framed wallpaper. It will change a toned down space into an upbeat and fabulous interior.

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Chinoiserie prints work equally well on fabrics, as proven by this beautiful Margeaux chinoiserie bedding, available at Mix with other prints and furniture in similar shades for an elegant look.

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