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Classic Hollywood

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The Audrey Hepburn image is completely at home in this room. In fact, she herself wouldn’t have looked out of place in this feminine interior. The colour palette is gorgeous and subtle, with its shades of silver and touches of lilac.


Now this is what we call making the most of your pictures. First: the frames are great, black with gold inside. Second: those bows are fantastically elegant. And third: the triangular shape in which they are hung shows great imagination.

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Don’t Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire look lovely in this sumptuous mirror frame? And how about Alfred Hitchcock in the classic black one? Together, they inject some playfulness into this wonderfully opulent restroom.

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We’re getting a little off topic here, but still: what’s a classic Hollywood movie without a good cocktail? And where would James Bond be without his martini? Good reasons to buy a vintage bar cart. It looks great and you’ll always be ready for a party.

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If you really, really love Audrey Hepburn, then maybe a few pictures here and there isn’t enough. Maybe you need to decorate your walls with this wallpaper by Wilko, that consists entirely of pictures of the fabulous movie star. A little advice: keep the rest of the room basic.

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Black and white doesn’t need to equal minimalist. The combination also works well in luxurious interiors. It helps if you have a classic beauty like James Dean playing peek-a-boo behind your collection of photobooks.

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If you keep your colour scheme simple – and black and white is always the best – you can go a bit overboard with the rest. So why not fill and entire wall with classic portraits in rectangular frames, and the one next to it with round mirrors? It’s fun!

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American photographer George Hurrell is said to have invented the celebrity glamour shot. He surely is a master, bringing out the best in stars such as Joan Crawford, Humphrey Bogart and Greta Garbo. His best work can be seen in George Hurrell’s Hollywood (Running Press), a beautiful book of over 400 pages.

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