Desert Days


Nothing captures the spirit of the open road like a picture of the famous Route 66 going through a desert landscape. The dusty colours give the image a melancholy, vintage feel. This photograph is by Etsy store MerakiBrooklyn.


This is a great mix of desert vegetation, open skies, pastel colours and a bit of water in case you get thirsty. The light wooden frames complement the pictures beautifully. All prints are available at Wilder California.


To give your interior a vintage feel, pick a desert image in black and white, with a mount and a frame of lacquered wood. The little flowering pot plant in front of it is a smart touch, it lightens the stark image.


If you think desert pictures only fit a bohemian interior, take a look at this room by Greenhouse Interiors. It is chic, minimalist and classy, but the pastel tones of the picture add softness and warmth.


Another lovely collection of images with a desert theme, this time for a charming home office. A group of just cacti and succulents would have been a tad boring; it’s the desert picture with the horses that enhances the whole.


Photographer and writer Jordan Sullivan made the most beautiful pictures of the mountains in Death Valley. Hanging a bunch of them together will showcase the arresting shapes and colours at their best.

Having a picture of a landscape next to your bed is like having a window with a great view. This one is a fabulous fit for the colours of the furniture, wallpaper and accessories in the room. The rose gold lamp is a good find: it adds shine to the mix of soft textures.


Two desert ecosystems, the Mojave and the Colorado, meet in the Joshua Tree National Park. It is a wonderful site, made famous by the 1987 U2 album The Joshua Tree. Pictures of the landscape, like these by society6, will have you dreaming about a US road trip.

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