Flora in Black and White


Black and white botanical prints look great in a minimalist space, but even in bohemian rooms they will shine. This is a fantastic collection of images and frames, striking the right balance between symmetry and playfulness.


This is another example of monochrome prints looking fabulous in a more cosy space. The coloured wall and the one 3D art piece keep the corner lively, and the wood, baskets and plant add warmth. A great little set-up.


And now for something different. Steven N. Meyers makes gorgeous art photographs, x-rays of plants and flowers that reveal their delicate beauty. Often in soft shades of green and pink, but also in black and white. They’ll make for lovely wall art.


Pernille Folcarelli is not only an interior designer, but also makes beautiful botanical prints in muted colours and black and white. Hang a whole group of them together for maximum effect, and choose simple frames if you want to keep it minimalist.

The bathroom is an unexpected place for wall art, but it looks all the better for it. This classical space is made even more chic by the chandelier and botanical images. Black and white prints are also a very good match for a coloured wall.


An up close image of palm leaves with stark shadows makes for an intriguing piece of wall art. Especially if it’s framed like this one, with two wooden slats, and accompanied by, wait for it… a palm leaf!


The monstera is a monster success. We’ve seen the print on everything from bikinis to wallpaper. And rightly so: its leaves have a wonderful shape. So why not show just one, to emphasize it? This print is by Etsy shop Little Ink Empire.


A black and white picture of plants can look rather arty and chic, especially with a mount, as proven by this piece by Coco Lapine. The print looks great in the monochrome dining room, adding wild shapes but not crazy colour.

Images from designsponge.com, pernillefolcarelli.dk, etsy.com, cocolapine.com, jackandjillattheshore.com, emilyaclark.com, xray-art.com, interiorsbystudiom.com