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Frida Is In The House

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This is a very cool take on Frida Kahlo. Take it as a starting point and style your sitting room with graphic and other arty cushions, some graphic home accessories like this tray and a nice zig-zag carpet.

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A big wooden frame is a great choice for your Frida Kahlo art. Together with a cactus, woven basket and colourful carpet, it will give your room a Mexican vibe. A bright chair (like this vintage one) is a smart choice too.

It’s not all bright colours and boho, Frida looks great in your minimalist bedroom too. Choose a black and white photo portrait to keep things simple but interesting and feminine.

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Frida Kahlo 80

Be inspired by this piece of art. Make a drawing (or buy one) of Frida Kahlo and dress it up with flowers and leaves to make it more soft. This might be the perfect styling trick for your home office.

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Want a fabulous bedroom? White bedding, a pretty lamp and a few interesting black and white pictures are a good start. But the huge drawing of Frida Kahlo as a backdrop is what makes this room really great.

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This is a quite an unique portrait of Frida Kahlo, made in a wooden bowl. It’s the eye catcher of this marble fireplace and a lovely match for the other beautiful souvenirs on there.

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The warm colours of a Frida Kahlo painting are a great match for a room featuring shades of ochre and brown. It will also give a bohemian atmosphere; this interior would look totally different with a stark abstract painting.

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Why not hang Frida above a rustic dresser with peeling paint, for a boho atmosphere? Green plants are wonderful friends for your Kahlo art too. But the greatest styling tip of all? Surround it with Mexican folkloric and/or devotional wall decor.

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