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Geometry Class

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This is a bedroom ruled by geometric forms. Check for example the fabulous wooden nightstand. The geometric origami birds are actually wall stickers by TotalVinylDesign on Etsy. We think they are absolute showstoppers.

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A geometric bird in a fun colour can become your favorite work companion, creating an upbeat and joyous vibe. Choose a shiny black frame to match the simple and strong image.

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So, you are a really big fan of geometric art? Go all the way with a geometric deer head on your wall (order it at the DotSan shop on Etsy). It will combine perfectly with retro chairs by Smart Furniture and ditto lampshades.

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Diamonds are an interior’s best friend, and a great way to add some chic to your gallery wall. Try mixing geometric diamonds with other geometric prints, and black and white photography.

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This geometric bear print won’t do you any harm. We think it might even keep bad dreams away. In any case it’s the perfect way to give your bedroom a clean yet dreamy atmosphere.

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Now this is a statement. One gigantic geometric work of art on your wall can have a jaw-dropping effect. It makes an interior look arty and bold. A group of framed geometric forms will also do the trick.

Maps are having a moment: be sure to check out our blogpost about vintage maps. Not a fan of vintage? Maybe you like the geometrical take on this trend.

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There really is geometry in everything. Just look at this print by artist Kerby Rosanes, who makes the most wonderful, inspiring geometric illustrations of animals.

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