Grey Scale


A print of faded grey shapes is perfect for a monochromatic interior. Choose a thin black frame to keep it chic and simple. Hanging another work of art in the same kind of frame next to it will create a strong look.


Artworks in faded grey tones work very well in industrial spaces. The soft shapes will soften any harshness and adding an earth colour will keep the artwork and interior from looking too cold.


Offset angular shapes with a print that has softer outlines, like this dreamy water colour. The old fashioned poster framing makes for an even warmer effect.



A painting on canvas adds warmth and depth to a white interior, because of the many different shades of grey and the textures of the paint. These paintings, with subtle flecks of colour, are by artist Nina Holst.



Why not go all the way? Ask a painter to create a wall with a cloud theme in shades of grey. Or buy wallpaper, like this beautiful, sophisticated one by Sandberg Wallpaper.


Make your interior look like a million dollars with a grey artwork in a classy black and gold frame. Of course, marble vases, coffee table books and antiques help too.


Be brave, be bold and choose a golden frame. Together with the small table and gorgeous lamp it gives this room a luxurious feeling. The gold brushstrokes in the painting pull it all together.


The faded grey theme works with dots, too. A gallery wall will look striking but like a unity when you only opt for black, white and shades of grey. That, and the same thin black frames for every artwork.

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