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In The Abstract

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Abstract art doesn’t have to be cold and strict. This piece is very light and feminine, a lovely match for the soft touches like the sheep skin and Moroccan white leather pouf in this interior.

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Abstract art even has its place in a warm and cosy interior. The organic shapes and earth colours of these works make them a right fit for a room which is given warmth by a big rug, plants and a rough wooden table.

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A large abstract expressionist piece will have a big impact. These shapes are full of movement but the fact that the artwork is monochrome still makes the overall effect very classy.

A simple abstract print, like this one by exileprints, will look pretty fab in your minimalist Scandinavian interior. Try placing it on the floor for a relaxed, artistic vibe.


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This dinner space is a lesson in style, with its gracious furniture and striking lamp. The abstract artwork with its little dash of colour gives the room a playful twist. The thin black frame is the ideal match.

This is a superb abstract work, an ensemble of lovely mid-century pebble shapes. Their playfulness is offset by the stone grey background. The wooden frame makes the image a bit warmer and is a great match for the furniture.

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If you fancy featuring abstract art in your home in an unexpected way, try this dinnerware set by Mikasa. The beautiful white pieces with expressive black brushstrokes will turn your table into a work of art.

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This print by Etsy shop DreamPrintDesigns is very inventive. The abstract forms contain mountain landscapes, adding interest and depth. Therefore the print doesn’t need more than a simple black frame.

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