Round and Round


Marble floor, utterly cool lamps, a vintage table and a wild arty circle: we think it’s a cool and elegant combination. Note that the used frame is slick and thin. Oh so chic!


Curtains in the same colour as your art are the secret to the lovely balance in this mid-century modern living room. They are also a great match for the pink couch by Meridiani, the Italian furniture brand designed by Andrea Parisio.


This circle is quite interesting. Is it a moon? Is it a window through which you can see dark clouds? Whatever you think it looks like, it’s an artwork that you could make yourself. Find the instructions on the very creative Tumblr account The Vow.


Vintage furniture often has round details, like the pretty handles on this cabinet. The circle art reflects the round elements beautifully. The light colour and white frame brighten up the darker colour of the wall.


Interiors with earthy colours and furniture in natural materials are great habitats for your circle art. This dark painted circle in the home and studio of photographer Pia Ulin is a lovely match and looks like another window onto a different sky.


Bedroom idea! Why not have the art itself in a circle shape? Dreamy fluid shapes will look fab in a room with a bohemian vibe, and huge circles in pastels will transform a dreary room into a heavenly space.


Love abstract expressionist circles? Why not go for a big and bold statement and buy a large print. It will look good in a bright room with light floors and furniture, especially if you pick a frame in blonde wood. But it will do equally great in a more colourful interior.



A black circle in a white frame can be a sophisticated addition to your minimalist living room. Afraid it’s too boring? Resting the print on the floor instead of hanging it keeps it from looking too stiff.

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