Soft Geometry


Geometry and animals make for an unusual combination – and that’s why it works. The geometry ensures animal prints don’t look too cutesy, and the animals take the hard edges off the geometry.




If you’re a true DIY enthusiast, it’s possible to make your own 3D wall decoration. This pretty mint green and blue one, made with paper, was featured in French DIY magazine KNOT.


Dutch design duo Scholten & Baijings has a knack for combining geometry with unexpected colours. This bed linen design is called Syrup. It’s part of the Minimal collection, available through Danish design emporium Hay.


Rumiko Matsumoto is a Japanese designer with an eye for the softer side of geometric forms. This design called Parallel is a wallpaper she designed for Iphones.


Make geometry playful by choosing a print with multiple overlapping shapes in different colours. Combine with curvy objects and fun typography for an even softer feel.

soft_geometry_07Feel like not only decorating your home but also yourself with some pretty geometry? Vanessa Gade combines geometric forms with delicate chains to make jewellery that looks both delicate and strong.

Designer Tom Dixon is famous for his gorgeous lamps in shiny materials. The Etch Shade lamp is inspired by mathematics and when lit, projects flowing shapes on the walls.



The combination of geometric forms and landscapes makes for intriguing, dreamlike images. Legan Rooster is from Honduras and created these striking beauties. Originally trained as an architect, there’s often a tension between the figurative and the abstract in this artist’s work.

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