Soft Shapes


If you feel that an all pastel artwork will be too sugary for your interior, pick one that mixes soft colours with grey and cheeky splashes of black. It will go well with an array of colour palettes.


This is how you compose a totally marvellous wall gallery. Different sizes, different frames, photography, a portrait and gorgeous pieces of abstract art. The cushion in shocking pink is a great touch.


The subdued artworks are perfect for this room, where bright sunlight is filtered by the pretty net curtains. The colours of the paintings also inspired the accessories; the touches of orange are quiet delightful.


It’s hard to think of a colour that would look better with this shade of pink than gold. No, it’s impossible. What a match! The gold gives the artwork class and luminosity. Extra points for the cute vase of flowers.


This is a pretty loose gallery wall. Some works don’t have frames, others are tacked to the wall and there’s even a piece of textile on there. But it still works, thanks to the majority being abstract works in pretty colours.


If you like girly stuff and pink but don’t want to decorate your room like a Disney princess, why not pick a piece of abstract art? This playful piece full of movement is by Etsy shop Sutil designs.


This wall is a great example of how to make very different pieces work together. By using artworks and accessories in pink all over the wall and sideboard, a sweet but cool ensemble is created.


Exile prints sells lots of wonderful abstract art, but this print is especially striking. The colour combination is great and the organic shapes almost look like fingerprints. The black frame is a great pick if you want a contrast to the sweetness of the colours.

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