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Sublime Silhouettes

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How’s this for a great idea? Have your silhouettes of birds fly out of the frame. This ingenious artwork can be made with stickers, or if you re talented you can paint them by hand.

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Here’s a pretty design by Rain City Design Co from Seattle. The stark but gorgeous shape of the tree needs nothing more than a light white frame.

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This sweet bird silhouette is by Etsy shop Bialakura. The fact that it’s in shades of brown makes it look a bit softer. Also very cool: the fact that the frame and furniture are done in the same wood.

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It’s fun to mix silhouettes with other prints, like these quotes and golden leaves. Using frames that are only slightly different, like these grey, black and brown ones, makes the ensemble look pulled together.

This picture shows that silhouette wall art also works in an interior that is far from minimalist. The different botanical silhouettes in their varied frames give a bohemian feel.

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This image by PrintsEnPosters features a lovely play with silhouettes: the dandelion seeds transform into tiny birds. The no-fuss black frame is the ideal match for the minimalist but dreamy print.

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The tiny hummingbird has a beautiful silhouette. The background of this image by SeasonsSpace, made to look like wood, is an original touch. Last but not least, the passe-partout makes the print quite chic.

This fairy tale silhouette landscape is done in metal, by Ignition Metal Art Design, based in California. The artist working under that name has wonderful designs for sale, and also makes custom designs.

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