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If you’d like really striking and original wall decoration: dry leaves and then put them in a glass frame. It works well with feathers too, and the odd illustration mixed in.

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It might seem overdone, but botanical prints look even better when combined with green furniture and plants. It will work in a minimalist interior, but also in a more rustic one.

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Here’s a fun DIY project: collect the most exquisite leaves from your garden or on a walk through the woods. Dry them and stick them on the prettiest paper you can find.

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Dutch artist Albert Koetsier makes x-ray photographic art. At beyondlight.com you can see his fantastic images of animals, shells and plants. His series ‘The lungs of the earth’ features, amongst many others, ginkgo, maple and eucalyptus leaves.

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The wonderful illustrations of single leaves, also on the opening picture of this article, are by the Dutch My Deer Art shop. The talented illustrator behind these images is graphic and interior designer Maaike Koster.

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Beside her work as an interior designer and a textile designer, the Danish Pernille Folcarelli produces handmade botanical illustrations. They look best hanging together in just a few frame styles.

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For a quick update of your wall: stick a few botanical prints on there with washi or masking tape. Black always looks good, but tape in fluorescent or metallic colours might look even better.

A bit bored of your monochrome home? Just one botanical print can give an ensemble of black and white prints an unexpected twist and a dash of colour.

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