The Female Form


This copy of an expressive Gustav Klimt drawing is quite the eye catcher. In an unexpected way, it complements the rawness of the wooden bench and vase, and even the lettering on one of the books.


Go big or go home! If you have the space, why not get an exceptionally large artwork? If you keep it simple, mostly white and with a thin frame, your room will still look as spacious as before. This artwork is by Celine Ziang.


The balance of this collection of prints is just gorgeous: the images, the colours, the frames – it all works together. The bedding is picked with equal care. Wouldn’t you like to curl up here?


Not really into romantic images of the female form? Are you looking for something with a lot of power and expression? Etsy store Neilina has just the thing for you: a strong image that will give your interior a daring look.


This print from Etsy shop Prodigy Print gives, with all its wonderful grey tones, an illusion of depth and movement of light. A great choice if you’re not into line drawings of nudes so much and are looking for something different.


Here’s proof that nude drawings really look quite amazing in a bedroom. This one is stark and subtle, but still sensuous. The blonde wood and blush tones are perfect company.


This drawing is so simple, yet so very gorgeous. The quite broad black frame and lighter border add chic to the minimalist print, which is from Urban Outfitters. Add a candle and sheepskin for maximum sensuality.


This picture is proof that: hanging a bunch of nudes together looks pretty great, and that nudes look right at home in a bohemian interior. The way the chairs match with the colours of the artworks is pretty classy.

Images from: urbanoutfitters.com, avenuelifestyle.com, cocolapinedesign.com, etsy.com, decouvrirdesign.com, apartmenttherapy.com