The Monochrome Home


There are a lot of different objects in this interior, but they go together beautifully because they’re all black and white. The fact that the same black frames are used makes the prints match even more. Plants and a lovely rug add warmth to the room.


Doesn’t this home office make you happy? There’s a great mix of pictures and typography, and the different ways of suspending the prints – clipboards, tape, broad frames and even a clothes hanger – turn this into a playful corner.


This room gave us two great ideas. One: add some shine to the black and white with a touch of gold. Two: display favourite quotes and illustrations on a ledge, together with other objects. (What we also noticed: a frame with rounded edges is pretty fun.)


This is a fantastic lesson in contrasts. When you have a small riot of expressive illustrations above your couch, why not quieten them down a little with geometric cushions?


These retro mugs, designed by artist Jessica Flick for Konitz, have great graphic prints. They’re all very different but all in black and white, which makes this a chic set.


All that black and white can feel a little cold at times, that’s why it’s a good idea to add some softness. But that can be monochrome as well, like this cool geometric design by Blue Print cushions.


A fashion photograph will add class to any interior. These ones are by one of the greats, Helmut Newton. The smoking in the picture is by Yves Saint Laurent, the date is 1975, but the image is timeless.




Catch it while you can: the exhibition 1-2-3-4 by Anton Corbijn in Fotomuseum Den Haag is open until August 16. The famous music photographer, known for his striking black and white images, selected 300 pictures. On display are The Rolling Stones, Nick Cave, Grace Jones and many others. If you missed it, there’s always the book.

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