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Ticket to the Tropics

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This beautiful retro ad poster with macaws is a great find and really lifts up the place. Image this kitchen corner without it – it just wouldn’t be as nice.

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When they are done in graphic forms and muted colours, tropical bird images can even look at home in a rather minimalist fifties interior.

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You would think these colourful animals are tropical species, no? Here’s a little secret: they’re from The Complete Morris’s British Birds, published in 1891. Even birds that aren’t exotic can be pretty eye-catching.

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These works, with an intriguing mix of colours and patterns, are by artist Miranda Skoczek. The fluorescent frames are pretty fantastic, making the images stand out even more.

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This exquisite bedding by Debenhams is reversible: palm leaves on one side, parrots on the other. It will transform a bedroom into a sunny space and make you dream of tropical getaways.

If you desire quite a bit more flamboyancy, why not choose wallpaper with tropical birds? This gorgeous wallpaper, a surprising mix of black and white foliage and colourful birds, is by Pablo Piatti.

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Hello budgie! This picture of a parakeet is by Leila Jeffreys and really brings joy to the room. Note how that tiny touch of yellow is mirrored by the chair frame – a very classy trick.

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Fashion designer Matthew Williamson is known for his vibrant work, which often features bird images. He also designs furniture, wallpaper and greeting cards with great prints like these fabulous ones of sun birds.

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